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Spro Crankbaits for Spring

Posted by admin on April 7, 2015

Replace Your “OLD” Warts With These Impressive Spro CrankBaits this Spring

By Tom Alsop

I made a trip down to Stockton Lake with my partner for an extended 3 day weekend and to fish our first tournament of the year, Burtons Bait and Tackle weekend series.  I always look forward to fishing this event and getting the rust out so to speak by catching some nice fish and this tournament did not disappoint.  Typical water temperature we found was from 42 degrees in the clean water to 49 degrees in the dirtier water.  Typical pre-spawn patterns with jerkbaits and crankbaits are what we expected and found to be true.

We caught a few fish on a Spro McStick 110 during practice, but found the jerkbait bite to be too inconsistent to run this pattern all day.   We had found a couple key areas where the McStick bite was decent that we knew we needed to hit in the tournament.   Our first stop was one of these areas and the VERY FIRST CAST of the tournament   my partner hooked a 5 plus pounder on the McStick before I even had my rods untangled, you gotta love it!  I managed to net this nice kicker fish and then managed to leave the net on the back deck of the boat as we took off to our next spot.  There is nothing better than fishing crankbaits and jerkbaits the rest of the day without a net.  Fun stuff for sure!

On the other hand we found the crankbait bite to be very consistent in the right areas.  We had to have a stretch of bank from the point of a cut to about a 1/3 of the way back where there was a nice change between chunk rock and pea gravel, the fish we found were all holding in 4 to 12 foot of water on these banks and seemed to be relating to wood.  After the first day of practice and the loss of 3 VINTAGE wiggle warts and really not that many bites, I knew it was time to look for different bait in my box.  The “old” wiggle warts tend to hunt and FIND wood and sometimes they just don’t let go unfortunately.  I also feel the fish seem to see so many of these baits they get “wary” of them as almost every tournament angler has a few left in their box and tend to throw them this time of year in Ozark lakes.

 It was time to pull out my Spro RK Crawler 55 designed by B.A.S.S Elite Series Pro Mike McClelland who grew up fishing our local lakes.  I caught many fish this winter on this bait at local power plant lakes and knew when tournament time came I needed to have this bait tied on.  The Rock Crawler is a ½ ounce bait and is equipped with #5 Gamakatsu hooks so there is no need to change out your hooks unlike many crankbaits out of the package.  The Rock Crawler 55 has a wide wobble, hunting action that will deflect off of the cover to trigger strikes just like the “old” warts but this bait tends to run a little deeper and can be worked in the 8 to 12 foot range.  I like to run this bait on a Falcon Lowrider 7 foot medium with a 5:1 gear ratio reel with a stop and go retrieve.  I either use Sunline Reaction 12 lb. fluorocarbon in more open areas for better feel and Sunline Super Mono around wood to give the bait a little more buoyancy to get through the cover better.  While we only caught 1 keeper fish in the tournament on the RK Crawler we had 9 really good fish during practice including several in the 3 to 5 lb. range on this bait and in my humble opinion will just flat out fish a wart!

Our other “go to” crankbait in this tournament was the Spro Fat Pappa 55, again this is a ½ ounce bait equipped with the super sharp #4 Gamakatsu hooks and runs 7 to 9 foot.  The really nice thing about this bait is its ability to get through wood.  We never lost a bait in 3 days running and we fished the HECK out of it!  It has a built in rattle like the RK Crawler but has a lead rattle, so it has more of a dull sound to it, this rattle also serves as a weight transfer system which really helps in casting the smaller bait, especially in wind.  It has a tighter wiggle to it which is really popular this time of year.  Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Russ Lane, designed the Spro Fat Papa 55 crankbait for late fall and early winter when the water is colder.  We caught eight keepers on this bait and 20 plus shorts in the tournament and 20 plus keeper the prior two days of practice.  We fished the Fat Pappa 55 on Falcon Low Rider 7 ft. Medium rods, spooled with Sunline Super Mono with 10 lb. and 12 lb. green line.  Did I tell you this bait comes through cover?  WOW! 

We finished the tournament in 4th place and had a great start to the year!  If you don’t have these Spro crankbaits in your box, you need to get them.  They WILL catch fish I promise.  Go to www.spro.com to order yours today.