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Big Bite Baits Buzzing Warmouth

Posted by tom on March 1, 2013

Big Bite Baits Warmouth and New Buzzing Warmouth

One of my favorite ways to fish, is to catch bedding bass.  Bed fishing is like playing with a cat, you have to tease them and entice them in to biting most of the time.  They can be very finicky, ignoring most baits thrown into their bed, when they do hit, a lot of times it is a quick pick up and an even quicker drop from its mouth.  If you have ever done a lot of bed fishing, you will notice that when a bluegill comes near a largemouth's bed, they will always aggressively defend their nest from these marauders.  Thus comes to play Big Bite Baits War Mouth.  Dean Rojas has made the War Mouth a major tool to most avid bedding bass anglers the last two years.  No one can argue his success, with B.A.S.S. tournament wins and high finishes during the bedding season the past few years using this revolutionary lure.  In my experience using this bait the past few bedding seasons, I have found with this lure bass don't just pick at your bait, more often than not they come in for the "kill", thinking this is a bluegill eating their eggs. You rig this bait flat, Texas style,  when you throw it in a bed it looks just like a bluegill on its side, feeding on their highly guarded eggs.  The bass can not stand this!  If you do any bed fishing this year, make sure you have some of these in your box this spring. I call this bait my "CLOSER", when nothing else you throw in the bed works, this bait will seal the deal! 

The WarMouth was Big Bite’s top selling shape in 2011-2012. Now a new buzzing version is available for 2013.  Big Bite Baits took the popular profile and colors and added buzzing legs to give anglers a new way to fish the WarMouth. Rig it on the flat side and fish it like a frog.  Over vegetation this bait will shine.   The Buzzing WarMouth weighs 25% more than the original for better casting. It features a newly designed recessed eye, cavity to hold the eye in place better and a larger head section to better handle screw in style hooks.  Once the bass move off their beds, the buzzing War Mouth will be a big player for post spawn fish.  Everyone know post spawn means topwater time, this new bait will give them a new look with the same proven shape and design as the original War Mouth.


You can order both of these great baits online now at www.bigbitebaits.com or look for them at a retailer near you soon.